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President - Bill Nyssen       
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Bill first became a member of the FPV Tickford Owners Club of WA in 2004, with a Galaxy Blue TE50 Series 2. Since then he has moved on from the TE50 and now owns 2 FPVs, a Rapid Yellow BA MK2 GT and an Octane FG Mk1 GT-P.  He has served as a member of the Committee as President 2007 – 2010 and Vice President in 2011 - 2012 & 2014. Bill is keen to help and see the club continue on for many years to come, forging lifelong friendships and continuing his passion for everything Ford.
Vice President- Peter Sertis  
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Peter joined the FPV Tickford Owners Club of WA upon its inception in February 2001 (or Tickford Owners Club of WA back then), with an AU2 XR8. He also has a 2008 FPV 5th Anniversary GT.  He has served as a member of the Committee every year (except two) as President 2004, 2011-2012; Vice President 2003, 2005-2006, 2008-2010, 2013-2014; and Cams/CMC Representative 2002-2004. Pete is passionate about the success of the Club and is very proud to be the Clubs’ first life member. He is also grateful for the many friends he has made through the Club. He hopes to see the Club improve and grow bigger and brighter with every year.
Secretary- Lynda Nyssen
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Treasurer-Matt Bellamy

Matt joined the club way back in February 2001 at its first meeting.  At the time he was driving an EF XR6.  Since then he has had an ED XR8, BF F6 Tornado, and currently has a Nitro FG XR8.  He joined the club to meet new people who share a love of Fords and enjoys attending the social events with his wife Elaine (when they are not stuck at work).  He has been Treasurer since 2011.
General Committee - Henry Longworth

Henry joined the club in 2015 with an impressive collection of cars. He won Rookie of the year in 2015 and has assisted the catering of BBQ's with his connections into the food business.
Editor- Murray Simons
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Murray joined the FPV Tickford Owners Club of WA on day one back in February 2001 (or Tickford Owners Club of WA back then), with a Polynesian Green EF XR8. He now has a 2000 Monsoon AUII Fairmont Ghia with factory Tickford mods, 2002 Liquid Silver AUIII Pursuit 250 ute and 2005 Velocity BA MkII GTP.  This is his second year as Editor of the Club magazine. Murray has always been a Ford V8 fan and owner who enjoys being a member of a club that represents his passion.
Webmaster- Nicholas Reed
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Nick joined the club in 2011 with his Lightning Strike BF XR8 ute at the Barbagallo track day and ended the session in the gravel at the end of the pit straight with cooked brakes. He took on the role of webmaster from 2013 and has ruled the internet with an iron fist ever since.
Door Officer - Tonia Bailey

Tonia joined in 2007 and has been on the committee on a number of occasions. She has a Red FG GT.
Cams Rep - Peter Baker
FPV / Tickford Owners Club of WA
PO Box 345 Leederville WA 6903
Merchandiser - Mark Gregor
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Mark joined the club in 2013 and he enjoyed participating in club activities so much that he won Rookie of the Year. 2015 was Mark’s first year on the committee and he’s feeling his way but is looking forward to contributing more to the club. Mark’s toy is a Shockwave BA Mk II GT.
General Committee - Ted Leagas

Ted has an amzing collection of Pinball machines and has hosted the club at his man cave.